Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shabby . Chic. Weird. Creative.

Can you think of the strangest things that can make your place look lovely? Things that perhaps are essential and you obviously can't throw them and things that really do not have much to offer! Well lets see how your home can be arranged aesthetically with "what should I do with this?"

Be Creative... Think Strange!

You have a vase at home? Perhaps a big bulky one which is not of use. And certainly you may have some towels lying around. Put it all together, it could be a nice decor for your bathroom while entertaining guests!

A Pot in the Sun!

Whether you want your garden to be formal or wild and rambling, decide on the style, then follow it through with appropriate plants and materials.I planted some fern in a funnel... got it all painted and hung it in my window! 

Trunk it up!

This aluminium chest was lying around the house. It was a perfect thing to store toys. It certainly gives a vintage look to the children's room!

The Old Fan Club!

Do you have an old fan? Just use it!

Mug it Up!

We often have so many mugs and small containers in our kitchen which don't make sense but we wouldn't want to throw them either. So here is a deal... cactus and small ferns do wonders to such container. My nephew has his lovely set of cactus he nurtures. Thanks to his mom who offers him the most unwanted stuff from her kitchen!

The 'not so cool' Wine Rack!

When you just shifted in a rented home and you had nowhere to stack your wine bottles, you perhaps bought this wine rack which was just a cheap buy. Now you own a home and have a wonderful bar and you still have this rack which causes dilemma.... so what do you do? Don't worry... look how it fits perfectly in your bathroom and look how it all makes sense!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Dressers that made a Statement!

Its been 4 months since I have had any time to write this blog. I regret it but I don't want to keep regretting it. So here is a little post which marks a good start again! So... today I am going post pictures of 5 totally different dressers which made a huge difference in the rooms they were built in. Here it goes...

I like to call this dresser Surya. We scrubbed and rubbed to make it look old, frayed and antique. The contrast of yellows and blues with ornate brass handles made the corner look brilliantly distinctive. Since it was made for a fabulous dancer friend and that little dance element had to be added, hand-made handles with ghoongroos or bells were installed on the drawers. We also added a touch of golden wrot iron embossing on the deep, rich blue full length mirror with some ghoongroos to match the dresser below. The mirror  and dresser combo looks exquisite!

Another bold red combo was the blue leafed hand-painted mirror dresser & a towel rack hanger! This mishmash looks wonderful with some blue upholstery!

Some just prefer it minimalist. Or we can also call it contemporary! 

A small armoire like dresser with a lovely hand-painted wall around it makes a statement as well. 

A touch of the bohemian style and when there is such little space... what do you do? Make it compact!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Make Peace with Whites & Then, Cool Off with Blues!

White it is.... always my favourite! Clean, sleek and chic! And can you say anything about blue? Blue can be smart, sophisticated and sexy and above all pairs up perfectly with whites! 

A Backyard to Envy

The blue of the bicycle, the old fashion golden lamp shade and the white washed walls... Doesn't that offer a major curb appeal?

Hearty Whites

Did you catch the bunch of hearts pouring their love out against the solid white wardrobe and royal blue wall?

Can it also be bold?

The true blues in the pillows matched with the bold red are what really makes this bedroom, well, pop. And yes, it can be bold!

White Kitchen

They are officially making a comeback!

Baby Blue meets Persian Bedroom

While we were holidaying in Turkey, our little room in Cappadocia looked all cozy and warm. I am sorry for not such a good picture but couldn't help sharing this with you. 

Flowy White Drapes!

If you can tie a knot, then these flowy cafe curtains will make your space look big. Just throw some patterned pillows and make the room summery and bright!

A Space full of Romance!

I love this bed and colours and everything else about this room! It was dreamy and just right outside was the expanse of the blue of the Atlantic Sea! 

Tall White Columns!

The soothing effect of the blue lantern & white columns made this front yard look lovely. 

Whites are calming, elegant, restful and above all versatile while blues make you relax and freshens up any space. I always embrace hues of whites and never forget to incorporate blues as well! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

10 Ways to Make Your Bed!

Sometimes looking at your bed bores you...then you think, I need a change in my bedroom!! Am I right? Well don't stress so much...inject a splash of color or simply mix and match your linens. It sure will satisfy your "I need change" cravings.

Create Unity

Pull all the colors together with a pillows, like the bold red and fresh graphic blues of the pillows with a coverlet of Kutchy work. I paired all these colours with a simple white bed cover to tone down the overall look of the bedroom.

Create Contrast

Contrast neutrals with a colorful pillows.

Tie It Together

Don't be afraid to mix different patterns. This green Kutchy coverlet ties this major mix with the simple red bedspread.

Pillow Switch

Alternate patterned and solid pillowcases and shams look simple and pretty.

Pattern Mix

Fold flat graphic sheet over the striped pillow to show off the pattern.

Flaunt Your Work!

My grandmother made this beautiful embroidery for me. It is lovely and I use it to decorate my bed all the time. If you have art, flaunt it!

Freshen it up with Greens

Especially in the summers, whites and greens sooth your senses. Keep it fresh and airy.

Tone Down

Quiet down bold patterns with white pillowcases.

Peekaboo Patterns

Do up the bed in such a way that there is an unexpected color splash and patterns that make it fun!

Cover Up

Pull the blanket up to cover the almost all-white bedding with a tinge of applique or any other design to make it look pretty.

So...isn't it simply to reinvent and revamp your bedroom with a bold mixture colours, patterns and ideas? And it is easy....go for it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decorating with Pots - Jazzing up empty Spaces!

Just delight your senses with a little container garden designed to bloom or feel green and fresh at home. Not a lot of us live in houses with gardens but some greenery around can make it fun and pleasant! Put a quirky spin on container just lying around at home or get more creative....want to know how? Here are some ideas I use to bring in the outdoors into my home. 

Go Rustic & Informal

One of the main attractions of container gardening is its versatility. You can plant almost anything in a pot and use almost any vessel as a container, to produce an infinite range of possibilities.  Keep the look informal by arranging them none too neatly.

A Gravy Bowl

A cracked gravy bowl becomes a cactus pot. It looks surprising pretty!

Cottage Style

Just outside my door I created a cottage-garden feel with terra-cotta ornaments. I used a small distressed-looking tub and re-used it as a planter. I planted some old-fashioned plants....the more unusual the better. 

Go Creative!

Al plastic plant pot can easily be replaced for a funnel. Not too many flowers grow in my apartment, I usually stick with the non-flowering category. But somehow I needed colour in my window and I love hanging plants, so, voila...I coloured a funnel bold red and hung it out there! 

Little Landscapes

Create a it! This centerpiece mixes cactus and succulents with pebbles and toys to add a little fun to the garden. 

Conch Shell - What a find!

My mother picked up this conch shell she found on one of her trips to the beach. She loves gardening and gets extremely creative there! Looks what she did!

Bhoole Bisre

I love colour. I know I say it all the time! But here is how I bought it from Bhoole Bisre who make these lovely buckets into planter. 

Just @ Home!

Bringing the gardens indoor also helps in changing your decor at home. I always change my decor according to the seasons and here is how I add my focal point at home!

The Famous Matka!

I always emphasize on having the cool water from the matka over the refrigerator. Nevertheless I had a broken one at home! Look what I did!

Keep the earthy themes and greens around. It brings freshness at home and around. Soak up in the inspiration from gardens and bring it home and enjoy an ever changing collage at home! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Shruti Verma from Nestopia asked me if I could be a guest writer for this wonderful website which is a one stop community for interior design architecture. It blooms so many ideas, trends and design...I loved it. 

Check out my article and please drop in your comments on the link below. Would love to hear from you. :)

Click here for direct link to the post.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bring on the Summer once again!

As mush as hot there are, there are loads to do in them! It starts with vacations, cleaning, organizing and of course changing your home! There’s just nothing like throwing open the doors and windows for some air and fresh light. It’s a feeling you want to capture all summer long, especially in the hot, turgid days of April & May, here in India.

The Way of the Nature

The trend flows a lot into bright colours though they should not be used everywhere and for all seasons. In the summers, it is best to go from neutrals or earthen tones. Arranging things pots, making mini landscape gardens in your indoors with lots of plants makes the summer feel cooler. I made this little landscape at home and kept it in my entryway...its looks so fresh!

Sunshine Yellow

Though our summers are bright, and sometimes too bright a soothing yellow brings happiness and optimism. After being in the hot outdoors, it brings a feeling of freshness when you enter indoors. I would only suggest you to tone it down with white accents. 

Changing Drapes

You can easily bring the summer months into your home simply by changing things like throw pillows in the living room. Instead of dark shades of pillows, maybe get beige or white linens would make a difference. Pair it yellow and pastels and lighten it up! And get rid of clutter. 

Dust kills it all!

Use going into a new season as an opportunity to go into drawers, closets and countertops and remove those things that are collecting dust and taking up space. It definitely gives you a fresh, light sense of relief. You don't need to display all your knick knacks. 

Use Flowers!

I know it sounds very feminine and you men out there may not agree with me, but just try this out. Use flowers at home. Use floral prints and see how fresh you will feel!

The Matka!

Have you tried drinking water from earthen pots? If not, try it today! Even your kitchen gets ready for summers that way!

So....the change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to bring changes into your home, whether it’s de-cluttering or simply exchanging dark accessories for light.