Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Re-use Workshop by Good Homes

Re-use, Be Green, Recycle....all these terms have been heard of, almost everyday. We have old sarees or some tins and jars or a whole lot of things in our house which goes straight to garbage cans. Have we once thought of what can be done with it? How can it be re-used? Yes, all of it can be!! And if you want to know how, join us at Fab India on Sept 23rd in Mumbai.

Good Homes - my favorite decor magazine in association with Fab India is conducting a workshop on 23rd Sept in Mumbai to unveil various creative techniques to "Re-use".

I strongly believe that "Re-use Materials" should be a part of everyone's lifestyle. How cool would it be to see your old shirt / Saree as a beautiful pillow cover? I think it is a very cool initiative taken by Good Homes to make all of realize how waste or unwanted things can make a difference and be a part of your decor!

I am really looking forward to this workshop, come along and make a small change.....


  1. Will be great if you could put it online for people who can't get there :)

  2. Sure Era...will do it right after the workshop! :)