Friday, September 9, 2011

I am going crazy with Re-using!

Yes yes yes...I am going crazy with re-using and re-furbishing!! My carpenters think I have lost my mind because I want to re-use everything! Let me start by showing you all things I re-used and refurbished and yet made them all look pretty and completely usable!

I call it "Colour Recycled"

Well this is one piece of mirror that looked different and was sold off in a jiffy! Every time my carpenter scrapped off wood shavings, I wanted to use them. But of course, I couldn't use it anywhere and everywhere keeping its fragility in mind, hence I decided to use them on this mirror.

Time for my Sunflower Cats & Barrel Chairs

I had some paint barrels lying around in my workshop. I wanted to do something with them desperately since they were sturdy and would take good amount of weight. Voila, they became colourful, vibrant and strong stools!

Old is Gold

Yes...indeed...old is gold....While I was re-modelling my friend Maithily's home, I discovered the treasures she had. They were just lying around and accumulating dust. She was aware but had no idea what to do with it! An old-fashioned chair rested in a corner of her room which was more or less used as an extra seating. Another little piece of treasure, a stationary teak wood trunk was kept under a TV set. I grabbed them both, refurbished every bit, upholstered the chair, and made them a focal point of the remodeled room!

Beady Wines

I have this little wine rack in a corner of my kitchen where I store the never ending supply of my wine bottles. I just love the way they look when they are racked. Since this one was in the corner for a long time and I had started getting bored of it and was wondering how I could make it look a little different and fresh, I decided to bead it! I had a broken junky necklace which came to my help...I beaded the little rack and now it looks gorgeous! I couldn't even let my junk jewelry go!

Tick Tock goes my Clock!

Some extra pieces of well cut round ply sat occupying some space in my, I decided to make some clocks....hand-painted and with lots of craft and beads on them. I have chosen the best ones from my collection :).

How can I forget fabric?

My grandmother had a lot of embroidery rings and pieces of patterned fabrics that she salvaged from the pretty little things she made for us. One day, she got her old trunk out and was asking our maid to take or dispose them off. could I let it came on in the form of wall art and a curtain in 2 of my remodeling projects - Eatmosphere & Balloooooni Balloon Doctors Clinic!

This month the mania of re-using got instigated because of Good Homes who are conducting their workshop called 'Re-Use' this month in Mumbai on Sept 23rd at Fabindia. Lately the fad of re-using is in the air. I not only try to re-use, re-cycle and re-furbish but also, encourage my clients and friends to do their bit.


  1. Hi Sonia.................I am speechless
    really....really...wooooooooooooooooonderful............I have no words

  2. Awesome work...I am just going crazy at your ideas...beautifully crafted pieces

  3. gr8 post sonia

    Even I am thinking about reusing things


  4. gr8 post Sonia!

    enjoyed it thoroughly.


  5. Reminds me of days of old when useless or used things were turned into works of art. Lovely pieces :)

  6. hey...sonia damm gud..specially those paint barrels.. :)

  7. Hi Seema...thank u so much. Your work is very good too. I loved the painting of Indian Women...

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  8. Elegant, Innovative, fulla life :)

  9. Hello Nitin....thank you...yes, I try to make it fulla life! :)

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  10. You are so bloody talented! :)..too good!

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  13. Just crazily creative u r :)..superb ideas ha..:)

  14. Hi Company are welcome! Hope it has helped you some way!

    Aparna..thank you...Same pinch! Seriously! Loved your Varli cushions!