Monday, June 25, 2012

Rhythms & Beats a Part of Our Homes

Music & strange combination right? No ain't strange at all! Somebody has said "Music enhances homes and always resembles something!" So, in my post, there is music and some good homes and studios with some wonderful musicians!

The Beat of the Drum!

Varun Venkit from Taal Inc is a friend who believes in connecting to the inner rhythms of your body. Through his music and drums he focuses on areas of health and well being of people. He conducts regular drum circles for various populations and ages and helps people in participating in a community activity, a stress buster, and behavioural intervention technique.

Since Bipin is a part of Taal Inc. I got a chance to visit Varun's home. I loved it the moment I entered his little room with a very interesting sound proof studio. He told me that a lot of his friends coloured and helped him with the graffiti on its walls.

Since the whole place was full of different drums like the Drum Set, Djembe, Doumbek and so on, I wanted to capture as much as possible. What interested me was also how he had decorated his room with other little things that showed his passion and inclination for music!

Rhythms at Home!

A lot of beats and rhythms begin in my own home! There is rhythm on the table, on the drum set, on the Djembe or anything that helps the beat! My study has various drums from Tabla, Djembe, Doumbek, the Drum Set, Dholak and some more accessories to go with the tempo! Well you may ask me why the collection? The collection is a part of Bipins passion as well. All along his day and life, he thinks of rhythms.

All these drums occupy a lot of space. Also living in an apartment doesn't allow too much liberty to have a sound proof room. Hence we decided to place them in such a way so that our neighbours don't fear earthquakes very often. So, we broke a wall, framed a glass on it, raised a platform in order to absorb the sound. And voila, the room is a shared asset with a book shelf, my study, our shot glass collection, a funky bar and a collection of beautiful carved drums!

DJ Amah & his Didgeridoos

As much as fun and playful Amar is, he is one sombre guy when it comes to music. We call DJ Amah since it sounds so cool! He is an ardent lover of almost every musical instrument right from guitars to drums and to didgeridoos. He is the lead behind his group called The Ajala Dhwani Project. This group attempts to interpret the Earth,and its sounds and the existence of mankind on this planet.

As much as how musical instruments look good, they can be very messy and unorganized due to the wires and belts and all the other accessories they come with. To flaunt them better and to keep them intact, Aditi, his wife, plays a very important role. She manages this music room making it interesting by looking into the aesthetics of her home.

A very unique thing about their decor is the simplicity in which it is displayed despite the mixture of so many instrument which are a part of Hindustani, Carnatic music, Indian and World Folk. Both Amar and Aditi have done a good job!

Inheritance of a Violin

Deepa, my sister almost inherited a violin from her parents on her birthday. As much as she wanted to learn the violin, she put her family at priority and overlooked her passion for quite sometime. Then came a day that she put her hands to work on this art with great traditions behind it. A tradition followed by almost every member in her family. A family of musicians!

Obviously, for a creative person like her, she couldn't help but use this harmonious instrument to be a part of her beautiful home. She cares and keeps it in such a fashion that the more she sees it, the further she wants to play it! Violin is where she finds her happiness, preserving it as a part of her decor is her practice.

Lost in time - The Tambora

Roopa, my mother-in-law goes back into history. History of certain instruments lost in time. Her melodious voice and a unified evocative rhythm of the Tambora soothes the beautiful garden and home she lives in.

Through her artistic sense, she constantly works on projects around the house and surprises all of us every time we go home. There is a new painting or a patch work or a comfortable seating to practice her music! When I visited her last, she played her melodious Tambora in her garden by the Tulsi Vrindavan ( a pot or a holder of a type of auspicious basil considered holy). I loved the melody and the arrangement she made to practice her song.

The art of arranging sounds amidst the natural environment of her home accompanied by music is something I tried capturing!

These are some people I thought are very interesting! They have a great aesthetic sense of decorating their homes, stirring the rhythms and beat of music in different forms! I loved them, their homes and their passion for music that comes from within!


  1. A lovely lyrical musical post!

  2. Thanks! :)Tried hard to make it lyrical :)

  3. wow--the photos are so cool--what lovely houses, what decor, I can feel art in it! One can make art here:) Your narration is also nice, Sonia. It made me smile to see this post:)

    1. Thanks Bhavana! I am glad it made you smile! I am glad I meet people like you! :)

  4. Such an elegantly done up home & music adds that beautiful touch..loved it

    1. Thanks Maitreyee! Yes, I agree with you, homes get beautiful with music! :)

  5. Nice blog!Thanks for sharing.Ireally Appreciate it.

  6. wow--the photos are so cool--what lovely houses, what decor, I can feel art in it! One can make art here:) Your narration is also nice, Sonia. It made me smile to see this post:)

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