Thursday, April 17, 2014

Decorating with Pots - Jazzing up empty Spaces!

Just delight your senses with a little container garden designed to bloom or feel green and fresh at home. Not a lot of us live in houses with gardens but some greenery around can make it fun and pleasant! Put a quirky spin on container just lying around at home or get more creative....want to know how? Here are some ideas I use to bring in the outdoors into my home. 

Go Rustic & Informal

One of the main attractions of container gardening is its versatility. You can plant almost anything in a pot and use almost any vessel as a container, to produce an infinite range of possibilities.  Keep the look informal by arranging them none too neatly.

A Gravy Bowl

A cracked gravy bowl becomes a cactus pot. It looks surprising pretty!

Cottage Style

Just outside my door I created a cottage-garden feel with terra-cotta ornaments. I used a small distressed-looking tub and re-used it as a planter. I planted some old-fashioned plants....the more unusual the better. 

Go Creative!

Al plastic plant pot can easily be replaced for a funnel. Not too many flowers grow in my apartment, I usually stick with the non-flowering category. But somehow I needed colour in my window and I love hanging plants, so, voila...I coloured a funnel bold red and hung it out there! 

Little Landscapes

Create a it! This centerpiece mixes cactus and succulents with pebbles and toys to add a little fun to the garden. 

Conch Shell - What a find!

My mother picked up this conch shell she found on one of her trips to the beach. She loves gardening and gets extremely creative there! Looks what she did!

Bhoole Bisre

I love colour. I know I say it all the time! But here is how I bought it from Bhoole Bisre who make these lovely buckets into planter. 

Just @ Home!

Bringing the gardens indoor also helps in changing your decor at home. I always change my decor according to the seasons and here is how I add my focal point at home!

The Famous Matka!

I always emphasize on having the cool water from the matka over the refrigerator. Nevertheless I had a broken one at home! Look what I did!

Keep the earthy themes and greens around. It brings freshness at home and around. Soak up in the inspiration from gardens and bring it home and enjoy an ever changing collage at home! 


  1. So beautiful..,all wonderful ideas . I am crazy about plants and loved the idea of shell and funnel. Did you painted those white pots?

    1. Hi Nayana....thank you so much. Yes, I painted the funnel but the post aren't painted by me.

  2. Marvellous. Hats off to your creativity.

  3. Oh boy, so many ideas, never thought one can get so creative with planters. Way to go!

  4. Thank you Ambika....I am sure a lot more can be done.... :)

  5. You are very creative..beautiful pots.

  6. Are you Mumbai based?

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