Friday, January 16, 2009

Trends in India

Living in the modern times, touch of old mixed with new, creates some kind of eclecticism. You could have your contemporary sofas alongside your antique ones and still make it look trendy, or rather the right word to be used is retro. This aesthetic trend of mix and match has been circulating not only in India but all over our globe. In this article I will be writing more about the newest furniture accessories, colours, textures and fabrics.

To talk a little about the latest trends in furniture - a low sofa with white or shades of white simple cotton upholstery accentuated with bright decorated pillows is in vogue. Leather has also made a strong statement this year with its bright to subtle shades of colour. To give your home the look of its own, having an accessory piece of furniture, may it be a mini-bar or a few ottomans or book rack, shows style, and an inclination and openness to the ever changing fashion.

In colours, a drift flowing towards earthy colours like terracotta or a stone-finish look is in style. Green has been a dominant colour of this year. The deep vibrant green with tinge of pumpkin orange or bright reds has been in fashion. On one hand the earthy look steals its place and the other poises for the daring colours like pink, luxurious violets, turquoise, deep cinnamon, etc.

Texture has touched every feature of design, may it be wood, fabrics, floors... just everything!! There is cracked texture on furniture to create an old, worn antique look, or a sand sprayed stone finish stool embellishing the garden and so on. We see a lot of weaves and motifs in various other applications.

Furnishing plays a very importing role in enhancing or beautifying furniture, homes, etc. Motifs in bold colours are seen to be eclectic. A lot of focus has been given to weaves and the natural fibres which is the in-built beauty of the fabric. Combinations of bold and sheer fabrics are used in curtains and linens. Roman blinds have also made a mark in the contemporary world.

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