Monday, February 2, 2009

Forecast for Design Trends in 2009

2008 was a profusion of posh one-of-kind style while 2009 is believed to be heading towards back-to-basic style. The focus seems more on eco consciousness, quality craftsmanship and agrarian living.

Tomorrow’s Trends

The Caravan Motifs
The geometric patterns and motifs with bold colorations will dominate the palette. Some of the examples are Russian Folk Art, The Moirangfee Loom of Manipur, Suzani patterns from Central Asia.

The age-old craft of quilting has made a grand entry in the 21st century. Modern mix of pieced fabric, tiny flowers and colour-blocked graphics accessories are slowly making their way into 2009.

Red & Orange Palette
Passionate, warm & inviting – red and orange are still going strong into 2009. Clear reds make a splash in ethnic textiles, sculpted candles and silk flowers.

The complex dimensions of snowflakes and crystal quality of ice is one of the freshest themes in home design. Frosty finishes, metallic accents, and cube shapes redefine the fine line between hot and cool.


  1. thats a cool article!!

  2. I am an interior designer and always look out for new trends. This one has helped me. Its precise and I am actually noticing it a lot in the markets.

  3. You did really good job! now your blog has become a truth.Thank for your forecast.