Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decorating Small Spaces

Small spaces have always been a problem. You need to add much more in there without having enough space. Here are some interior design tips to make your room big. bright and clutter-free.

  • Use light and cold colours like purple, blue, off-white, pale greens..

  • Always paint celing white or lighter than the walls.

  • If you are using wall paper, verticle stripes give the perception of high ceiling.

  • Use mirrors and glossy finishes which reflects paint and space in small rooms.

  • Limit using bold patterns. Small patterns work best.

  • Use small furniture like stools, ottomons, foldable chairs & tables, bunk beds. Line your furniture along the walls to keep the centre area of the room open for easy access.

  • Think verticle, build cabinets one on top of other than to have them alla round the room.

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  1. these tips are good but how many people actually do all this?

  2. Thank you for giving me so good ideas here.Now this will improve my work.Thanks again.