Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6 Tips To Get Your Home Dressed Up To Impress Your Guests

Get your house dressed up and ready to impress. Have you got some friends who love to visit on a Saturday night? Somehow the house is always welcoming, the living space looks lovely and the dinner table is inviting.

Part of getting it right is in the planning. Allow yourself to prepare the food, tidy the house and get yourself ready. Your cooking might not be perfect but its the ambience that you create when you ask people around to dinner. Here are some ideas for you -

Table Styles

Have your table set to the theme of the dishes prepared for dinner. For example, if you have traditional Indian food, have some flower petal decoration around the plates or if you have a drinks and cocktails, then arrange a nice bottle of wine with a few wine glasses on your dinning table. Or float a single flower head in a bowl at the centre of the table.

Switch Moods

You can change your seating areas to bring about some change. If it a casual dinner, go for a low seating instead of your dinning table. Bring in floor cushions and use them around your coffee table instead of dinning chairs.

Candle or Tea lights, is that essential?

Well yes, it creates intimacy that overhead lights can't match. Did you know if you stored your candles in in the fridge for a while before lighting them, they will burn longer? If you happen to have diffused low lighting in your home, put them on because that will support the intimate ambiance.

Flower Arrangements don't have to be "perfect"

Have small flower arrangements in your home. May be you can put them on your coffee table or at the wash basin or bathrooms where guests will certainly visit. Smaller arrangements can have just as much, if not more, appeal, charm, and beauty. As long as you like the arrangement, and as long as it makes you happy, it is indeed a "perfect" arrangement. To have your flowers last longer, add a little bit of salt and sugar or maybe a tablet of disprin to the water to make it last for a few days.

Scent has a powerful effect

When your guests walk into a room and there is a wonderful scent, it immediately says "welcome". Sometimes Indian food tends to have a strong aroma and if you want your home and linens to smell more inviting, then spray a fragrant room freshner, light some scented candles or simply arrange naturally perfumed flowers.

Your Entrance, Porche and Hallway should not be ignored!

Always remember not to neglect your entrance, porches and hallways. Your guest will pass through these areas leaving the first impression of your place. If you decorate your interiors fantastically and overlook whats on the outside, it will throw a jumbled impression on your guest. A simple tip would be potting a plant at your door step or making a rangoli and placing a small diya at the entrance or simply placing some pebbles or cactus which makes the entrance look warm and welcoming.

Entertaining at home should be relaxing for your guests and pleasing to both of you. The best way to do this is to plan the occasion to avoid stress and mess.


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