Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Black Taxi Exhibit - Colour & Design being the Theme!

Its just so nice to be among people who inspire you. Inspire you to create more, inspire you to make use of every little wasted material, inspire you to learn how to use different materials, colours etc! The Black Taxi exhibit inspired me to do all these things. I loved meeting so many wonderful designers and artist. It was my first display or exhibit made in Mumbai and I loved every bit of it.

So the above picture is the overall outcome of the little stall we rented. Kanika Bahl from Anek Designs & myself decided to share a stall since both of us knew each other through common connections! We'd also seen each others work and were super excited about how perfect our stall was going to come together.

I love this little spot! I displayed my burly mirror which I called Floral Goodness on the hand woven stool called Desi Moda and threw some of Kanika's lovely pillows to bring in the cosy look! It looked so splendid that I sold off the mirror!

Another side of the stall got a lot of attention too. It was the peacock themed stools painted in bright bold colours! I call them Serene Plumes & Curvy Plumes!

Bringing my colour stained easel did help! I displayed the unique little Bluesome Vespa mirror on it! It was so retro-ish and loved by all passer-bys.

I was glad to have Ms. Priya Dutt visit our stall. She not only admired the art and effort behind the textile and my designs but also genuinely appreciated our creative skills.

Some of us, bloggers came together and posed for a nice shot! May be some day we'll all actually get to meet and catch up on each others stories!

Just thought I'll a few more pictures!


  1. Hey Sonia! Landed here from Kanika's blog to checkout more of ur work and viola! what do i see - our group pic! :) It was nice meeting u.. both me and Tarang(my hubby) are still going gaga about ur warm smile and the magic u create with colours! Way to go gal :)


  2. Hi Shruti, Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I realized how intently both you and Tarang were looking at my stuff!!
    Good luck with your endeavor!! Hope to see you around soon!

  3. so full of color and vigor :)

    nice post...

    u've earned a new follower :)

    --aneek ( http://sylarthemaverick.blogspot.com )

  4. Hi there!

    Thanks a lot! Yes, colour runs through everything I do. Thanks for appreciating my work!

    I did go through your blog. I really liked the "can't say!!" write-up of yours! Its funny!!