Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beat The Heat!

No matter what you do, summers, in most parts of India ain't fun! It’s hot, dry and a never ending thirst for coolness is a bit annoying! Anyway...the heat being unavoidable, we can beat it through other ways. Sometimes, even the perception of coolness helps. This post I will talk less and share ideas with you 'visually'! :) We can all do very simple basic things to keep our homes airy, breezy and open. Little things like arranging flowers or changing upholstery can help. Indulge in little changes, I promise your home will beat the  heat!!

Changing Upholstery Helps!

Summers need to have shades of white & blue! I think it gives a breezier and cooler feel! I dug out my pillow shams and redid my upholstery! Believe me, it feels so fresh

Green has been my favourite! I don't think I can ever go without it! So this summer, blue, green and white is what I chose on my other seating area!

Add the Sheerness to Your Windows

Light curtains retain light and make your space look airy. They not only block excess light but allow just the right amount into your room. Here are some simple ways in arranging colours and curtains. 

The shades of greens and whites in the picture soothes through the scorching heat.

At Meghna's residence, we added a splash of fresh florals and blues which makes the place look happy and summery!

Never Forget the Cool Summer Mornings

Heat starts building in a little later in the day. The sun still rises in the coolness of the due in our gardens. Don't miss being out at this time. Pluck some lilies or wild flowers and arrange them at home. My friend Shilpa who owns a flower business shared some wonderful pictures of her flower arrangement she made everyday. 

Imagine how beautiful morning cups of coffee can be? :)

How beautifully summery can this lunch table be? Check out her beautiful flower collection....The Stalk Market - for Plush Poises

In this above picture, Shilpa arranged roses compliment the rustic desi "burtan" or vessels. This one was taken just before dinner at her place when all of us decided to cook one evening! Summers do get exciting as well!

The Actual Greens

Adding greens at home makes the ambiance cool and pleasant. Pot some pretty indoor plants or arrange for bamboo shoots or just a simple money plant. Unused vases and glasses can also be used for them.

So many people so so many different things. My sister arranged her music area with a beautiful Zerbera plant. She says she feel fresh to practice her violin in this corner of her home...

And I, at home decided to not only have some bamboo shoots in my unused vase but also change my decor and have my fresh bold green colour book shelf. does make my room look fresh and cool!

I hope these pictures have given you ideas about what can be done to beat the heat! I promise, it won't be a scorching summer with all the little changes you make! :)


  1. Nice post and lovely pics

    yes colours play a very important role in determining the ambiance --and flowers of course are always welcome

    1. Thanks Rajni! Ambiance of a place certainly makes a difference... :)

  2. While the post has great pics and good decor tips, it doesn't talk a word about beating the actual heat inside a room. I wonder if looking cool is same as feeling cool? Talk about a deceptive title!

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment on the pictures.

      I couldn't agree less with you but my blog is all about decor and hence such a post. 'Looking good always makes you feel good', its a simple philosophy! Try it...I am sure you will agree! :)

  3. Thanks so much Sonia, for sharing my pics and for your lovely compliments! :)

  4. Hi Sonia, Thanks for the great post about furniture. All the images are so unique. Specially I like the bamboo one.

  5. Nice post and lovely images

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