Friday, April 4, 2014

Bring on the Summer once again!

As mush as hot there are, there are loads to do in them! It starts with vacations, cleaning, organizing and of course changing your home! There’s just nothing like throwing open the doors and windows for some air and fresh light. It’s a feeling you want to capture all summer long, especially in the hot, turgid days of April & May, here in India.

The Way of the Nature

The trend flows a lot into bright colours though they should not be used everywhere and for all seasons. In the summers, it is best to go from neutrals or earthen tones. Arranging things pots, making mini landscape gardens in your indoors with lots of plants makes the summer feel cooler. I made this little landscape at home and kept it in my entryway...its looks so fresh!

Sunshine Yellow

Though our summers are bright, and sometimes too bright a soothing yellow brings happiness and optimism. After being in the hot outdoors, it brings a feeling of freshness when you enter indoors. I would only suggest you to tone it down with white accents. 

Changing Drapes

You can easily bring the summer months into your home simply by changing things like throw pillows in the living room. Instead of dark shades of pillows, maybe get beige or white linens would make a difference. Pair it yellow and pastels and lighten it up! And get rid of clutter. 

Dust kills it all!

Use going into a new season as an opportunity to go into drawers, closets and countertops and remove those things that are collecting dust and taking up space. It definitely gives you a fresh, light sense of relief. You don't need to display all your knick knacks. 

Use Flowers!

I know it sounds very feminine and you men out there may not agree with me, but just try this out. Use flowers at home. Use floral prints and see how fresh you will feel!

The Matka!

Have you tried drinking water from earthen pots? If not, try it today! Even your kitchen gets ready for summers that way!

So....the change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to bring changes into your home, whether it’s de-cluttering or simply exchanging dark accessories for light. 


  1. ahhh drinking water from earthen pots!!! SO COOL it is right!

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