Friday, May 29, 2009

!!! Mirror Magic !!!

All about Mirrors......

Mirrors are among the most ancient and timeless hues on the decorating palate. Let us see how we can make a difference in our homes with the help of mirrors -


When you place a mirror you consider where the light sources are located. A mirror across from a window can magnify and enhance the light in a room. This gives a perception of a larger and open space in the room. They also make the room more inviting.

Your Reflection...

Mirrors reflect more than just a lovely face. It changes and redefines your style statement. For example, some mirrors use large, ornate frames to stand alone as works of art. Other mirrors do not have the frame to give it a minimalist look. There are rustic mirrors natural looking mirrors, while a contemporary mirror focus on shape and structure which gives a unique and can be unique and unexpected. Mirrors are available in all the shapes and sizes you're looking for.

Don't overlook them...

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Mirrors are such a part of your day-to-day life, that we take them for granted and do not thinking about using them to enhance our decor. But Imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Unthinkable!! So why not make a bold statement there?? Mirrors look stunning at the end of hallways - dining areas can use a mirror to give that expansive feel to the room - mirrors at a child's eye level in the kid's rooms. Its easy use mirrors, just needs a bit of thought!!

Gosh how do I keep my Mirror Clean?

Nobody likes to look into dusty, cloudy mirrors. Here are some tips on making your mirrors spotless -
  • 1. Use soft and dust-free rags
  • 2. Spray your solution on the rag and not the mirror and then wipe the surface.
  • 3. Use warm water to remove anything stuck on the mirror first and then use a solution.
    4. Always keep the mirror frame dry. Do not let the water seep in through the edge of the frame.
    5. Avoid solutions like ammonia or vinegar.
    6. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. In the long term, it may damage the glass surface.
    7. Use of proper hanging or mounting devices.


  1. hey very good ideas. excellent pics too. the best part is that its so doable.


  2. simple and beautiful pictures. they are so down to earth!!


  3. A mirror is very important part of bedroom furniture.It must be good looking and it looks you good too:)