Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Books...Book Shelves...and more...

I read a lot from the time I was little, maybe as old as 6-7 years. Since then, books have been with me all the time. After I moved back to India, I decided to start collecting them. Though a lot of times I think collecting books can be such a waste due to the amount of space they require and they are practically of no use once they have been read. But somehow having a good collection of books and having them around me, inspires me. I also lend my books to a lot of my friends and family, it does give me some kinda pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, I thought, why not deviate from the home decor subject to some thing else and make it more fun and
interactive. Scroll down to have some fun!

My brother has suddenly started taking interest in photography and is always waiting to take some nice pictures. Since I wanted to write on this topic, I asked him if he could take a few pictures of the books I have. He wanting to do more of it, took some wonderful pictures. Here are some of them....

(All the above pictures are taken by Kshiteej Sumant)

Now lets move on to the Book Shelf topic....

I have written about how you should arrange your book shelves. I hope the tips have been useful so far. Here are some more quick 3 do-able tips without removing all your books -

1. Match colours and sizes of books.
2. If you have a shabby stack of books, hang or put a painting or a nice frame on a small easel in front of the books.
3. Use books as pedestals for art objects by stacking them on their sides and placing objects on top.

Hope taking care of books hasn't been a hassel for you. If it is, then the best way is to give away your books to a book store which takes used books. Maybe you can earn some pennies from it and also make more space in your book shelf for some new ones!


  1. God of Small Things has to be in my top 10 books!! Love it!!

  2. Hello Furniture Online: I am glad you liked it!

    Hello Amanda...yes God of Small things is one of my favorites too! By the way...your blog is superb!