Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decorating in Red Hot.....is it pleasing???

Red is a very strong color and everything red around gets a bit over-whelming. It brings life and vigour to your decor but how much? Decide whether to make red the focus or the accent color in the room. Let us see how we can do it to make it dazzle your space!

The Floor Space


Starting with the floor, try a dark wood, covered in the center with a red Oriental or cotton rug. Try to use reds which tend toward the burgundy or deep red rather than the flashy version of the hue. The depth of color brings with it a safe sophistication that warms the room. Decorate your sofa with golden or floral print cushions to make it more inviting.

Now the Wall Space

One of the wall in your study could be painted bold red. Black and white or abstract pictures frames would make a statement of strength and stability.

Signature Piece of Furniture



A signature piece of furniture...maybe an ottoman or a single chair or maybe just a bright red upholstery over a stool changes the look of the space. Try non matching chairs that still match the color scheme of your rooms, you can look out for this unique type of furniture on my website www.lively-wood.com rather than the big department stores.Its always recommended to break the monotony of the dark or light colour sofa set.

Bold Red Accents & Patterns

If you do not want to indulge in too much red, patterns are simply wonderful for borders, backsplashes, floors, accent tiles. Patterns are especially good choices when you don't have a lot of space to work with and also when you don't want too much of red.

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  1. I like this color so much.I used this color in most of designs too.Thanks to get fervor me here.