Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dealing with Small Spaces? Trunks do it all!!

Sometimes we find some old treasures in our locked garage or may be on a loft above some store you remember exploring something like that? And there...boom...we find a mysterious storage trunk!!! Whether you have this fond memory or not… there always has been and always will be a wonderful mystery and comforting feeling surrounding trunks!

A trunk is flexible enough to correspond well with any home d├ęcor, whether you prefer antique and classic or contemporary and modern. Obviously, you can use a storage trunk for storage… and there are many things you can do here. But in small homes, apartments, or dorm rooms you can use it as a decorative end table or coffee table.

Trunks in a Living Space

A decorative trunk can be used as a side table to place a lamp, coasters, and a book on beside your favorite chair. You can also store out of season items inside, such as curtains, blankets and sheets, or holiday decorations. When used as a table, a storage trunk gives you a quick and convenient access to storage without sacrificing style.

Or, you can also use a decorative trunk as a coffee table. You can store items that are used while entertaining guest such as board games, table runners, etc. This brings style and offers functionality.

Storage Trunk in the Bedroom

The best way to save space, make it look different and have a good amount of utility, make your trunk a stylish side table. If you drink water at night, be sure to place your glass on a coaster so you don’t cause any damage. Inside, you can store out of season clothing which are sorted out just once in a while.

Trunks for Gazing & Relaxing..

A storage trunk can be used as a rustic style seating bench by a window, perhaps covered with antique dolls and stuffed animals to provide a comforting appeal. It can be placed in your spare room or a study where activities like reading take place.

The Hidden Bar

Get that decorative box on casters and have a mobile bar anywhere in the house! In case you do not like to have your liquor displayed, a wine trunk or a mini bar serves best!

All that mess my child makes!

A pretty little trunk can be made to hide pictures, books, board games, or toys and stuffed animals for the kids. In one of my projects, I made a pretty colourful trunk with locking casters which could not only be used as storage but also served as a bench or a chair. It slid perfectly under the study table, consuming absolutely no floor space.


  1. actually these old trunks are a find... an antique treasure rather... nice use of the old and it mixes so well with the new... a classic style I must say...

  2. very innovative ideas & loved the colors in every decor

    you had voted for my post. that's what brought me here

  3. HEllo VST! Yes..a lot can be done with old furniture...the fusion turns out great. I did get a chance to see your Art blog...I loved the painting Across the Hills.

    Hi Sujatha Thank you so much!! Yes I do remember going to your blog. I went through it again before replying to you. Loved "Hate to Love you" post!

  4. The trunks are just gorgeous, Sonia. Loved the trunk incorporation into different spaces of the home. Such a variety! So creative!
    Thanks for the share.

  5. Hi Deepa...thank you so much! They do help..I use them a lot. Thanks for motivating..always! :)

  6. WOW! This is a very creative blog.


  7. Thank you make some very good fashion statements too :)

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