Monday, April 2, 2012

NDTV Profit features my home! the month of March 2012, I receive a call from Manasvi. She talks to me about being a part of NDTV Property Show. While I talk with her, I keep thinking, why would I be invited to a property show when I design homes? I also wondered why would I have a stall in an exhibit where they sell houses and offices? Anyway I thought I will dig deeper and ask her more questions. In my mind, I had decided that doing an exhibition at this time was not such a good idea! So, I call her up again to let her know that I would not be able to do the show. Before I could begin, she tells me about her show in details and why she wanted to feature my home! I almost stumbled with my words and asked her to repeat what she said. And yes!! She said she wanted to feature my home on NDTV Profit in the Property Show!! :)

So right after that, a date was fixed for them to come home. She told me it would take a few hours to shoot that particular room they had chosen to feature. It was the Leisure Lounge. The room which has so much thought behind it. A room that has a place for a study table, storage, book case, a podium for a large no. of drums, a funky bar and a beautiful cabinet for our shot glass collection.

On their arrival, we discussed what all we were going to talk about, the background of our collection and basically the entire idea behind that room. I spoke more about my work, the colours used and trinkets we picked up from our travels while Bipin spoke more on the lines of his passion for drumming and other little aspects of the room.

Finally after 6 hours of extensive camera and light setting, shooting the knick-knacks from our bookcase and of course the shot glass collection, Manasvi concluded the session. We couldn't wait for it to get featured. March 13th, 2012 was the day when it all came alive!

Here is the link of the video. I have cropped it so that you don't have to go through the entire show.


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